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Therapy dog visit to Simmons College

Before I had a baby, I agreed to do a therapy dog event at Simmons College about two months after the baby was supposed to arrive. Pro tip: do not agree to do anything in the weeks/months after you have a baby. Fortunately, the Husband/Dad of the Year stepped in to assist. As it happens, Lyra slept through the whole thing, but it was still good to have two pairs of hands to manage the baby and the dog.

The therapy dog event was held on familiar territory, in the Simmons library, and was very well-organized: there were canvas drop cloths on the floor in case of accidents, a bowl of water, and a large, eager, but orderly crowd of students waiting to pet Sudo (and Lola, who was a no-show, so Sudo got all the attention to herself. Lucky dog).

flyer for therapy dog event

A flyer for the therapy dog event at the library, featuring Sudo

Sudo being petted

Lots of surface area to accommodate many petting hands

Sudo being petted

“This is great, can I stay here?”

Thanks to the organizers for hosting us, and good luck to the students on their finals!


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Lyra, one month and counting

Lyra in Eric Carle onesie and twinkle swaddle

Wore this onesie exactly once before growing out of it.

Sudo wearing knitted ears

“Oh, not the ears again. I hate you people.”

Lyra and Sudo asleep

Large washcloth or small blankie? Yes.

Lyra and mom

Sleepy little snuggle-bug

"This is a lot of pink, guys."

“This is a lot of pink, guys.”

Lyra asleep in a too-big sweater

Yes, it’s still too big, but it’s got ears!

Ben holding Lyra

Cuddle time with Dad

burrito pattern swaddle and hat

A baby burrito for Halloween, just a week or so late.

Asleep in car seat

Going places

Baby dance moves. "I liked the Macarena after it was cool."

Baby dance moves. “I liked the Macarena after it was cool.”

Sudo staring at the printer

“Ugh, this print job is taking forever.”

Lyra making a concentrating face

No question what’s happening here…

Ben holding Lyra

“You are SO CUTE.” “Where is the milk?”

Sudo sniffing Lyra

“I don’t know, guys, this puppy smells funny.”

Sudo, Jenny, and Lyra

Bath time!

Dad's hand makes a good pillow.

Dad’s hand makes a good pillow.

Lyra yawning

“I’m tired of everything I wear having ears on it! Being this adorable is exhausting, you know.”

Hiccups. Again.

Hiccups. Again.

First visit to Simon's coffee shop (thanks Mae for the photo)

First visit to Simon’s coffee shop (thanks Mae for the photo)

Starting to smile for real

Starting to smile for real

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Neighborhood walk and fall foliage

tree with red and green leaves

tree with red and green fall leaves

tree with orange leaves

tree branch with reddish leaves against blue sky

tree with orange leaves

Ben and Sudo

Orange paper lantern flowers

Purple balloon flowers

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Does art imitate life?

Here’s a greyhound carousel figure we saw at the MFA:

Carousel figure of a greyhound

Here is an actual greyhound:

Sudo lying upside-down on the couch, front legs outstretched

Sudo belly-up, asleep, mouth open

Sudo asleep with tongue hanging out

You can see why horses, not greyhounds, are the traditional carousel animal of choice. Horses are also better suited to carousels speed-wise; greyhounds tend to have two speeds, 35 mph or 0 mph. Wear your safety belts, kids, or learn an important lesson about centrifugal force! Or just choose the pony.

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The Twibbit on occasion knows a difficulty with its toes

Edward Gorey would have loved this dog.

Birds-eye view of Sudo the greyhound lying on the rug with a stuffed alligator between her front legs

Same pose, different angle

We often speculate which creature from The Utter Zoo Sudo most resembles. Lately the Twibbit seems to be winning, though sometimes she is the Mork (“The Mork proceeds with pensive grace / And no expression in its face”), sometimes the Limpflig (“The Limpflig finds it hard to keep / From spending all its life asleep”), and sometimes the Yawfle (“The Yawfle stares, and stares, and stares, / And stares, and stares, and stares, and stares”).

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please avail yourself of the nearest copy of The Utter Zoo: An Alphabet by Edward Gorey. The Utter Zoo can also be found in the collection Amphigorey Also.

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Monday morning Sudo

Sudo the greyhound upside-down on the couch, head resting on stuffed blue puppy, ears up, tongue out


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Innocent face, guilty face

The face of an innocent dog enjoying the sunshine in the recliner:

Sudo in recliner, front feet hanging off, mouth open

The face of a guilty, library-book-chewing dog:

Sudo lying on couch with head raised looking at camera

“Who, me?” Yes, you.

This was hours after the crime was committed. You can’t hold a grudge against dogs because they don’t remember what they did, but she was in the metaphorical doghouse for a few hours anyway. I’m a librarian! I can’t have a dog who eats books. Now I’ll have to replace I Capture the Castle. I hope it was delicious.


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