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Welcoming spring flowers and houseguests

It’s April! Spring has sprung! By which I mean, temperatures are still mostly in the 30s and 40s, and when it creeps into the 50s it’s usually accompanied by rain or mist. But it’s spring, and here’s proof:

A clump of snowdrops growing at the base of a tree


Purple crocuses, petals closed


My mom was visiting for Passover, so she got to see the spring flowers without having to suffer through the 110 inches of snow. Someone was very excited to greet her favorite houseguest…

Sudo lying on the guest room floor in front of a futon bed

“When is she getting here?”

Sudo sleeping on the bed, head on pillows

“I have to test it out – how else will we know if it’s comfy?”

Sudo lying with her head at the foot of the bed

“It’s just as comfy this way.”

And when Mom left, Sudo took full advantage, burrowing under the covers and sprawling on the pillows.

Sudo on pillows and blankets

“She’s gone, I am bereft, I need pillows to comfort me.”

The seder went well, with good friends and good food and a chaotic retelling of the parts of the story people remembered (we have the Maxwell House haggadahs, not the most comprehensible or up-to-date. Note to self: get new ones before next year).

Seder plate, candles, and small rose bush on dinner table

Sudo did not drink four glasses of wine, but you’d never know it from the way she passed out on the couch after dinner:

Sudo on the couch, completely unaware of the making a really hideous face she's making

Sudo on couch, eyes closed, mouth open; a really truly indescribably stupid face



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