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Sheepshearing Festival at Gore Place

Goats and sheep running toward the cameraThis is what happens when you find a flyer in the library. Or at least, when Ben does. He was intrigued by this sheepshearing festival, and the weather was nice, so off we went. We saw a herding dog demonstration, some other animals (chickens, a baby lamb, oxen, a llama), trapeze artists, and lots of wool products.

Ben standing next to a sign that reads Sheep Shuttle StopA black-and-white herding dog crouched in the grassTrapeze equipment and netsA 2-year-old white ox tied to a trailerThe two-year-old oxen were not that impressive, size-wise; a sign said they weighed 1,200 pounds each, which is about the same as a Thoroughbred horse. But around the other side of the trailer…

Full-grown white ox tied to a trailer…an ox suitable for Paul Bunyan. Or for pulling the trailer – I don’t know why they bothered with the truck.

A llama lying down in the dirt, head up, facing the camera

Dentists’ nightmares are full of llama teeth.

A sign of "Diet Tips"

Click image to enlarge.

Outside the fudge tent (of course there was a fudge tent, what self-respecting farm festival doesn’t have a fudge tent?) was this sign of “Diet Tips,” which may as well be my family’s motto. It’s a little long for a motto, but it can be summarized as “Mmmm, chocolate.” (Sub-motto: “This is mine, get your own.”)

Blue sky with white cloudsAll in all, it was a lovely day, if five or ten degrees colder than we might have liked. At least the wool merchants were happy.


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