What we’ve read so far, thirteen months

Spines of picture books and board books topped with ladybug music toy

As has become tradition around these parts, this is a post I started writing nearly a month ago; now we are closer to fourteen months! However, the Little Mother Goose by Tomie dePaola is still a big favorite, and she likes the “Baby Touch and Feel” books too.

The Cheerios Play Book (get it?) lives on the kitchen floor, and I scatter cheerios on its pages for Lyra to arrange, rearrange, and eat as I bake or cook. That one was a gift from Nana, as was Whose Mommy Is This?, which has a unique structure: the pages slide apart and extend. She has just figured out how to pull them back and push them in by herself.

Cover image of First 100 WordsFirst Hundred Words was a gift from a high school friend of Ben’s, and she loves it. For about a month solid, we kept it in the car, and she would spend every car ride turning pages and examining the pictures.

Not pictured, but we’ve also been reading another version of Mother Goose, and Jamberry has been in heavy rotation as well. She also adores the Nutshell Library (a little box of miniature copies of four Maurice Sendak books: One Was Johnny, Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup With Rice, and Pierre).

Mama and Dad are going to take a smidgen of credit for her love of books, but the librarians deserve more than a hat tip: they are always so happy to see her come in, and the library is such a welcoming place. It even has little rocking chairs for little readers:

Toddler in small rocking chair in children's library

So thank you to Pam, Lauren, Kathy, Stephanie, and Emily. We’ll see you again soon!



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2 responses to “What we’ve read so far, thirteen months

  1. Wonderful picture! This is how I can see her now in my mind’s eye…reading and rocking! Love, Nana


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