What we’ve read so far, eleven months

She’s turning pages, sometimes even examining and pointing at certain elements on pages (particularly with the Sesame Street books)…but still occasionally tasting as well (see poor Little Ladybug below).

Stack of board books with Little Ladybug on top

The Watertown Free Public Library has a great collection of board books and a really fun kids’ play area. We visited the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library for the first time last week too; it wasn’t quite as fun as Watertown but it does have a playground outside, where we enjoyed the baby swings. We checked out the (bilingual!) BabyLit Don Quixote from Cambridge.

Stack of picture books

  • My Dog is the Best is illustrated by Paul Schmid, of Oliver and His Alligator fame; he’s one of our favorite illustrators and the little boy’s sleepy dog is not dissimilar to our own. Speaking of dogs, things are going pretty well on the dog/baby front: the baby has learned to pet “gently” and isn’t going for the dog’s eyes, ears, tail, or toes the way she used to.
  • Wednesday was recommended to us by a co-worker. It is the perfect book for anyone who loves Tangrams and friendship, and it’s one of the least odd picture books translated from the French. (Most of them are pretty strange.)
  • School’s First Day of School is fabulous; for all those “first day of school” books out there, I’m not sure there’s ever been one from the school’s point of view…but now there is, and it’s brilliant. The school is nervous about the first day, and indeed, the kids get everywhere! But despite a few bumps, the school decides it would like to invite the kids back for another day.
  • Max the Brave is about a kitten named Max who is brave and chases mice – or he would chase mice, if he knew what one looked like. There’s a bit of Gruffalo-style misdirection and it’s just the right blend of mischief and cuteness. In Max at Night, it’s past Max’s bedtime, but Max wants to say goodnight to everyone before going to sleep. This turns into a longer adventure when Moon is nowhere to be found.
Baby outside, wearing sweater and future librarian onesie

Future librarian? We’re not pushing any one career path, but she wears the onesie (and sweater!) well…



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  1. britakate

    Libraries near and dear to my heart! And I meant to tell you last week that I’m totally with you on School’s First Day of School…I read it when it was in processing at one of my Illinois libraries and immediately wrote to all my pre-K and K-aged kid friends to recommend it. SO clever.


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