What we’ve read so far, 10 months 10 days

She’s turning pages and pointing (more like stabbing/jabbing), and still occasionally tasting, especially those delicious touch-and-feel elements like fur and feathers. She has definite favorites that she wants to read over and over again: BabyLit versions of Jabberwocky and The Secret Garden, Pat the Zoo, That’s Not My…, Rhymoceros, Shh! We Have A Plan!, Are You A Cow?, and Wow! Said the Owl.

Baby turning pages of Wow Said the Owl

Turning the pages of Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood

She will also pull several books off the shelves and use them to stand on to reach more books on higher shelves. We’re working on teaching her to read one book at a time and not pull down all the books at once (as much as her librarian mama loves re-shelving…). Do they make climbing harnesses and belay ropes for babies? Or should we just get her a helmet…


Punk Farm, Boy + Bot, The Adventures of Beekle, Wolfie the Bunny, Horrible Bear!, Edgar Gets Ready for Bed

Stack of board books

Little Ladybug Finger Puppet Book, Baby Beluga, a stack of Sandra Boynton books, and I Am the Wolf…And Here I Come!

Funny story: my mom was reading one of the Boynton books – I think it was But Not the Hippopotamus – and remarked, “These illustrations aren’t very good.” Not realizing she was speaking about the board book queen! (Really though…all the animals do look rather lumpishly alike.)


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