Ten Months: motion, direction, acceleration

I’ve got speed
That’s how fast I am moving
I’ve got velocity
That’s my speed and direction…
Motion, direction, acceleration…
They Might Be Giants, “Speed and Velocity,” Here Comes Science

She’s ten months old today! Two babies in our local friend group have their first birthdays today and tomorrow; I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year. She’s crawling, “cruising,” and has taken a first step. She eats real people food (she is going to loooooove birthday cake…she might’ve inherited her mama’s sweet tooth) and makes all kinds of sounds. She stands and claps her hands, and every now and then, if the mood strikes, she’ll blow raspberries on us.

Here are some photos from the last few months.

Mama and baby reading board book on couch

A rare snuggly moment in Maine. She’s always on the go, but will pause for a favorite book.


Baby in hat reading a book on a blanket

At book club in June. (The rest of us read Jo Walton’s excellent My Real Children.)

Dad holding baby up, sun shining down through tree above

A little air-drying after splashing around in the kiddie pool on a hot summer day.

Baby in plaid hat in bucket swing

Enjoying the swings at Menotomy Rocks Park. Photo by Abby T.

Baby eating watermelon on the floor

Visiting a friend for indoor picnic lunch at her office.

Baby browsing picture books on library shelves

Browsing the picture books at the Belmont Public Library.

In the water at Walden Pond

Visiting Walden Pond with friends. Photo by Mae K.



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3 responses to “Ten Months: motion, direction, acceleration

  1. Loving the smiles and joy doing anything and everything. I know you couldn’t love her anymore, and my heart bursts to see you all so happy! Love, Nana


  2. britakate

    Great batch of summery photos! Can’t WAIT to meet her…we’re going to make it under the one-year mark!


  3. Uncle Jonny

    Adorable little girl…..and surprise surprise….Lyra loves books!!!!


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