What we’ve read so far, nine and a half months

What we’ve read so far, nine months


If she paid attention even a quarter of the time, Sudo would be able to get a degree in children’s literature.



The top half of the stack. Go Dog Go! for irony.

I Am the Wolf…and Here I Come! and Jabberwocky and Shh! We Have a Plan are books the baby now recognizes and gets excited about. She likes I Kissed the Baby! too, especially the “I tickled the baby” page. And she enjoys my attempts at sound effects for Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? as well as The Loud Book (see below). From the Baby Signs book, we’ve learned that the ASL for “dog” makes her giggle every time (it’s sticking out your tongue and panting).


The bottom half of the stack

The Quiet Book and The Loud Book were recommended by our friend Caitlin S., and they are brilliant – all about different kinds of quiet (e.g. “Thinking of a good reason you were drawing on the wall quiet” and “Last one to get picked up from school quiet”) and loud (“Burp during quiet time loud,” “Spilling your marbles in the library loud.” Naturally I like The Quiet Book and Lyra loves The Loud Book.

Julia’s House for Lost Creatures reminds me a bit of Neil Gaiman, absent Gaiman’s usual darkness; it was a gift from a friend, chosen with the help of the staff at the Brookline Booksmith (thank you!).

I have yet to memorize One Woolly Wombat completely, but the day is coming. Monkey and Me, on the other hand, is easy to memorize, has a lovely singsong rhythm, and serves well as a distraction in the car. As always, Emily Gravett’s illustrations are perfect.

There is a new Goose book! Goose Goes to the Zoo. It’s just about as charming as Goose and Goose Goes to School.

A few of these are really too long for a baby’s attention span; the board books are just right, plus she’s able to turn the pages (and chew on them without completely ruining them). But it’s nice for us to read some of the longer ones, both so that she hears the language even if she’s busy doing something else (like trying to climb the bookshelf) and to preview for ourselves, so we have an idea of which ones we will enjoy reading on repeat and which ones will have mysteriously short lending periods from the library.


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  1. I love Julia’s House for Lost Creatures! Such a sweet little story, and not too long. Plus lots of interesting noises to make and pictures to look at (although keeping it away from curious hands and mouth is a challenge!)


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