Celebrating nine months

What better way to celebrate than climbing a rock? This morning we visited the Beaver Brook Reservation Spray Deck & Playground, where the babies happily explored in the shallow water while shrieking older children considerately avoided trampling them. (One boy, pushing his water gun around under the water to fill it, even made it into a game when he realized she was crawling around after it. Thanks, kid!)


Contemplating the climb


Attempting the climb


Choosing a smaller rock. Success!

I don’t do a lot of predicting, but here’s one: she’s going to be walking by ten months – a few wobbly steps, at least. Meanwhile we’ve got plenty to be getting on with: she’s got six teeth (two on bottom, four on top), a good appetite for real food, she enjoys rhymes and songs, loves bouncing and being tossed up in the air, recognizes patterns and phrases in books (hello, birdie!), and smiles at everyone she sees, including the dog (who doesn’t smile back).

Happy nine-month-versary, Turtle!


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  1. Looks like she’s willing to try anything and then adapt! You are giving her some fun activities to challenge her even in this hot weather! Miss you all, Nana!


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