What we’ve read so far, week 35


Books with tactile elements are still a hit, and thanks to a friend (thanks Caitlin!) we discovered the Touch Think Learn series by Xavier Deneux (Shapes, Colors, and Numbers are above; we also borrowed Farm but I forgot to include it in the picture). These books have raised parts on the left-hand page that fit into cut-outs on the right side; bright colors on white backgrounds are, presumably, attractive to babies, though right now she’s just preoccupied with opening and closing the book.

We also borrowed Hippopposites again (we own Rhymoceros), but it only has one touch-and-feel element (soft and rough). Noisy Farm continues to entertain; she has figured out that pressing on a certain place makes a sound, but can’t figure out where the sound is coming from. Shh! We Have A Plan has a pattern she can follow (“Hi, birdie!” “Shh. SHH. We have a plan.” etc.) and she actually seems to pay attention to it.

Giraffes Can’t Dance has not worn thin (though one corner is the worse for wear), and The Monster at the End of This Book (not pictured) has recently become extra amusing to the baby; she has a Cookie Monster toy now and I think – maybe? – she recognizes the blue muppets’ similarities. Maybe that’s a reach.

One Was Johnny is a Maurice Sendak book in our “nutshell library” collection (a box of four mini editions), and somehow I only got around to reading it yesterday. It’s delightful! And there is a turtle in it (“5 was a turtle who bit the dog’s tail…5 was the turtle who went off to bed”). If I had to recommend a counting book for introverts, this would be it.

I have now memorized a number of poems, including “The Adventures of Isabel” and “Jabberwocky” (I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who knew “Jabberwocky,” and now I am!), both in The Random House Book of Poetry for Children. Memorizing poems and books is useful in at least two situations: entertainment in the car or otherwise on the go, and when the book you’re reading from is hijacked by little hands more interested in turning pages, closing covers, or chewing corners.


“If I’m not reading by the time I’m four…


…I’ll eat my hat!”


“Heh heh. I was gonna eat it anyway, so…”


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