I made a thing

This terrycloth sleeper with a puppy on it was in the 30-year-old bundle of my own baby clothes, but I didn’t pull it out in time and Lyra only wore it once before outgrowing it.


One baby, made from scratch. Not a great photo.

Having held on to it for so long, though, I couldn’t just get rid of it or give it away, so, inspired a friend who hand-sews handkerchiefs/burp cloths for her son, I tackled a sewing project.


I think it came out all right (okay, to be honest, I’m ridiculously pleased with myself for sewing something slightly more elaborate than dog toys). I used the colored wrists to make little loops at the top corners, and attached the feet (which flip inside out) to the bottom corners.


Sleeper outfit turned washcloth toy.

The blue backing is an old t-shirt we were using (not often) as a cleaning rag.


It’s sort of a toy and sort of a washcloth. The baby seems no more or less interested in it than she does in any other toys, except for jingly Tigger, whose limbs and face she is determined to eat.



Other things we have made recently: the taco torte from Smitten Kitchen, and these brownie cookies from Leite’s Culinaria. If you were ever eating a cookie and wishing it was a brownie, here you go. You’re welcome.



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2 responses to “I made a thing

  1. Linda Donaldson

    I love it! Bet she ends up loving the doggy and taking it everywhere!! Kudos to you for making such a clever plaything!! I dropped out of girl scouts over not completing my sewing badge, so I’m impressed with your stick-to-itivness!!


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