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What we’ve read so far, week 22


At just over five months, she’s now definitely reaching for the books…in order to put them in her mouth. Teeth are only beginning to emerge now – I can feel two lower incisors about to break through – so no teethmarks yet, just spit.

  • Happy Hippo, Angry Duck is our good-morning book. “Hello, little person. How are you today?”
  • The Sign Language ABC board book from the Belmont Public Library was a favorite find. She can’t finger-spell yet, of course, but the grown-ups can! Seems like a good thing to learn.
  • I Will Take A Nap! was a gift from dear friends, and we always love Mo Willems!
  • Adventures of Cow is definitely more for the parents than for the kid at this point, but older kids – who can tell that Cow’s view of the world is kind of skewed – will enjoy the humor.
  • Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? annoyed me because although all of the animals live in North America (as per the author’s note), they live in different regions and most of them would never see the others. Harumph. Eric Carle illustrations, though.
  • Wow! Said the Owl is another favorite discovered at the library. Great for learning colors, and there’s the fun of staying up all day (as opposed to all night) being the mischievous activity for the little owl.
  • Winnie: hide-and-seek biscuits! And we like these illustrations better than Finding Winnie, though the “But his heart made up his mind” refrain from the latter is poetic.
  • Hurray for Hat! is about cheering up friends, and features some double-page illustrations so you have to turn the book 90 degrees to get the whole view.
  • Kevin Henkes’ Birds reminds me a bit of Fall Is Not Easy and Jon Muth’s Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons. Plus maybe the author was a little high?
  • When Winter Comes is a wonderfully cozy read about where all the living things go in the wintertime. We didn’t get it till March of this year and it was a mild winter anyway, but we’ll keep it in mind for next year. Someone recommended it to me – I forget who, but if it was you, thanks!
  • Highly caffeinated Weasels have built a machine to take over the world and have to troubleshoot it when it breaks. Lots of speech-bubble dialogue in addition to the minimal prose; lots to look at on each page. Maybe more fun for adults than kids?
  • Jenny Offill is a mad genius. And the protagonist of 17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymore and 11 Experiments That Failed reminds me a little of Ramona Quimby. (Readers of adult literary fiction should also check out her novel, Dept. of Speculation.)
  • Not pictured: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! Best read beside a pile of blocks for knocking over to accompany the story.

And now, just a few baby photos…


Thanks to Tim & Jenny for the overalls – they finally fit!


A rare smile in the car seat.


Strong baby lifts entire activity mat. “Now what?”


Rawr! Vampire baby must be protected from direct sunlight.


Ducklingson reporting for duty! (Sadly, she’ll outgrow these shoes long before she can walk…)


“Sudo didn’t call dibs, I get the recliner!”


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I made a thing

This terrycloth sleeper with a puppy on it was in the 30-year-old bundle of my own baby clothes, but I didn’t pull it out in time and Lyra only wore it once before outgrowing it.


One baby, made from scratch. Not a great photo.

Having held on to it for so long, though, I couldn’t just get rid of it or give it away, so, inspired a friend who hand-sews handkerchiefs/burp cloths for her son, I tackled a sewing project.


I think it came out all right (okay, to be honest, I’m ridiculously pleased with myself for sewing something slightly more elaborate than dog toys). I used the colored wrists to make little loops at the top corners, and attached the feet (which flip inside out) to the bottom corners.


Sleeper outfit turned washcloth toy.

The blue backing is an old t-shirt we were using (not often) as a cleaning rag.


It’s sort of a toy and sort of a washcloth. The baby seems no more or less interested in it than she does in any other toys, except for jingly Tigger, whose limbs and face she is determined to eat.



Other things we have made recently: the taco torte from Smitten Kitchen, and these brownie cookies from Leite’s Culinaria. If you were ever eating a cookie and wishing it was a brownie, here you go. You’re welcome.


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What we’ve read so far, week 20

Is this really week 20? Week 19 did not involve a lot of continuous sleep and I’m not great at counting to begin with, but I think this is week 20. Despite the interrupted sleep (or perhaps they’re related), we’ve seen some big developmental changes lately, including rolling from back to tummy, sweeping her hands in front of her to gather toys (and suck on them, naturally), and pushing up on her hands instead of staying propped on her elbows. She’s also perfecting the “mic drop” move: obtaining a toy, holding it out to the side, and letting it fall to the floor. And there are some new sounds. Who knows what’s next? (Don’t say teeth.)

0305160913We visited the Belmont Public Library for the first time last week for their infant storytime (which was great!) and discovered that they have a separate shelf for Caldecott award and honor books, so we snagged Owl Moon and Extra Yarn (again) from there.¬†(We just can’t get enough of the Barnett/Klassen team, so we picked up Sam and Dave Dig A Hole as well.) Pat the Zoo was a well-timed gift from friends, as Lyra is just beginning to reach for books to turn the pages (or pull them into her mouth).

Where is the Green Sheep? is a fun rhyming read-aloud, and Mr. Wuffles is delightfully weird (and almost entirely wordless, which allows the reader to be creative).

Giggle, Giggle, Quack did not live up to my expectations after¬†Click, Clack, Moo; on the other hand, Rufus Goes to School is good but for once I think I liked the sequel better than the original (and the final endpaper of Rufus Goes to Sea makes me think Rufus may have a space adventure to come…)


A combination of Saturday-morning browsing at the Robbins Library (Weasels, I Am Blop!, Hooray for Hat!) and a hand-picked selection about animals, colors, and the ABCs from librarian Miss Emily. Wow! Said the Owl is a new favorite.



Bedtime favorites (Goodnight Moon, You Are My I Love You) and morning favorite (Happy Hippo, Angry Duck) on top, other recent reads below. She definitely likes the sound effects in Noisy Farm (moo, cock-a-doodle-do, oink, baa, neigh)!


Squishy Turtle and friends are crinkly and delicious.

I think all this reading is making her cuter.




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