What we’ve read so far, week 18


  • A sweet board book for bedtime: You Are My I Love You
  • A bedtime classic (already memorized, but nice to see the pictures sometimes too): Goodnight Moon
  • You clever mouse you!: The Gruffalo. The repetition, rhythm, and rhyme are good for early literacy, too.
  • Sing it: Baby Beluga
  • Fun every time: Oh No, George!
  • For the modern child who is more familiar with a computer mouse than the cute rodent: It’s A Book and It’s a Little Book (plus, in the former, you get to say “jackass.” Twice!)
  • And who should be there but Goose?: Goose and Goose Goes to School are great fun, though children who are more inclined to make friends with animals than other children should be warned that geese are not actually all that friendly. The simple illustrations are on brightly colored backgrounds, which seem to hold Lyra’s attention more than some other books.
  • Wordless picture books that encourage imaginative storytelling, with flat-out gorgeous illustrations: Aaron Becker’s Journey and Quest
  • From childhood: Paul Zelinsky’s Rumpelstiltskin and One Woolly Wombat
  • Folklore, jungle-style: Oh, No! has a slightly different rhythm and lends itself to sound effects, voices for the different animals, and clapping or tapping. Bold illustrations and comeuppance for the greedy tiger.
  • Good introduction to the subject of vigilante justice and the verb “to infer”: This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen (see photo below).

And now…baby pictures! Four months and counting…


“And what do YOU have to say, Mr. Sun?”


Playing piano with Dad


Rawr! Lyra the Tall!


Funny Hat Club, membership: 2


“I’m flying!” (with a little help from Grandma)


“‘Nobody will ever find me’? This is not going to end well.”



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4 responses to “What we’ve read so far, week 18

  1. Linda Donaldson

    Warms my heart to see your newest pictures! Love the hats, and her happy little face no matter what she’s doing – listening to music, stories or trying to stand. Love and hugs from Nana!!


  2. Ah, yes, well, to be fair, she isn’t happy ALL the time, we just don’t take pictures of her when she’s crying. Though if I could catch her at the precise moment her lower lip rolls out, I would…


  3. Linda Donaldson

    Oh, that particular expression is familiar to this Mom, too! Very hard to not let your heartstrings get tugged upon…


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