Cake in the morn


“I’m not the milk and the milk’s not me!”

Improbably, we’ve actually been able to get a good amount of cooking and baking done with an infant in the house, through a combination of trading off baby duty, employing one-handed kitchen skills, and practicing moving pots and pans silently. (Is there already a YouTube channel called “I’m Hungry, But Don’t Wake the Baby” about ninja-style cooking? If not, maybe we’ll start one…)

Lately, we’ve made lots of oatmeal cookies (from the Flour recipe), “Chunky Lola” cookies (also from Flour), a batch of molasses spice cookies, oatmeal scones with maple glaze, this “taco torte” from Smitten Kitchen, granola, applesauce, and tiramisu. So…really healthy! (We have been eating real meals with vegetables and stuff, they’re just not as exciting to write about.)


Oatmeal maple scone and molasses spice cookies




Tiramisu: sponge cake, tiramisu cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache. Major hat tip to our neighbor friend for the sponge cake and the recipe!


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