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What we’ve read so far, week 14



  • A few new-old books from Nana: And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, Emily, Ella’s Games
  • Calvin & Hobbes
  • Classics: Maurice Sendak, Tomie dePaola, Amelia Bedelia
  • And some newer classics: Kevin Henkes, Mo Willems, Jon Klassen, Bonnie Becker
  • Friend recommendations: Knights of the Kitchen Table, The Orchestra Pit
  • Librarian recommendation: The Chicken of the Family
  • From Kate Beaton (Hark, A Vagrant): The Princess and the Pony
  • Sparky!
  • Board book edition of Jabberwocky, a gift* from a friend.

*It was accompanied by this hilarious, demented card:


But only some of you are actually here for the books. Here’s the baby:


Gonna get that turtle!


I know something you don’t know…



What we’ve read so far, previously.


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What we’ve read so far, week twelve

It was week 12 when I started this post, now it’s closer to week 13. But look!

Smiling baby propped on elbows facing camera

Tummy time!

The ALA Youth Media Awards (Caldecott, Newbery, etc.) were announced on Monday, January 11, and I was happy to see many books and authors I like receive awards or honors, and to discover new books to read soon. On a visit to the library to pick up a few (including That is NOT a Good Idea!, The Princess and the Pony, and a graphic novel called Roller Girl), the children’s librarian suggested a few others, including Winter is the Warmest Season (read last week but not pictured below) and The Chicken of the Family (an absolute must for anyone with siblings – especially if you’re the third kid). We also snagged more Mo Willems (There is a Bird on Your Head!) and Kevin Henkes (Owen).

Stack of picture books

Not pictured but also read in the past few weeks: Chris Haughton’s Shh! We Have A Plan and Little Owl Lost

I have to say, I’m really enjoying this stage of reading where we get to pick books we like and she doesn’t have opinions yet. I’m sure she’ll have great taste in books when she does develop a taste for them (the contents, rather than the materials – but we’re not even as far as teething on them yet), but I’m enough of a realist to know that there will be at least one book that she adores and one or both of us can’t stand (see: Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie from Calvin & Hobbes).

On that note, which books stand up to dozens of re-readings, and which ones do you hide behind the couch and claim are “lost”? What about songs and rhymes? (Speaking of which – it was raining this morning, so I started saying the “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…” one, then realized it was about a guy who got a concussion and died in his sleep. This is a nursery rhyme for children?! Who comes up with these things?)

See “What we’ve read so far, week ten.”

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The annual December puzzler strikes again

It’s officially a December tradition. Last year was Abbey Road, two years ago was Where the Wild Things Are, and this year was Ice Riders of the Cheseapeake Bay.

Ben with puzzle pieces on the table

Ben with nearly-completed puzzle

Nearly-completed puzzle

And this year he did it in about two days, about half the time it took last year. Next December I expect him to do it in one day!

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