Therapy dog visit to Simmons College

Before I had a baby, I agreed to do a therapy dog event at Simmons College about two months after the baby was supposed to arrive. Pro tip: do not agree to do anything in the weeks/months after you have a baby. Fortunately, the Husband/Dad of the Year stepped in to assist. As it happens, Lyra slept through the whole thing, but it was still good to have two pairs of hands to manage the baby and the dog.

The therapy dog event was held on familiar territory, in the Simmons library, and was very well-organized: there were canvas drop cloths on the floor in case of accidents, a bowl of water, and a large, eager, but orderly crowd of students waiting to pet Sudo (and Lola, who was a no-show, so Sudo got all the attention to herself. Lucky dog).

flyer for therapy dog event

A flyer for the therapy dog event at the library, featuring Sudo

Sudo being petted

Lots of surface area to accommodate many petting hands

Sudo being petted

“This is great, can I stay here?”

Thanks to the organizers for hosting us, and good luck to the students on their finals!


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