Lyra, almost eight weeks

We didn’t think we were choosing quite such a difficult name, but so far she’s been called LEE-ra (instead of LY-ra, the correct pronunciation; it rhymes with “bye”), Laura, Lauren, Laila/Lila, and Clara. She’s going to have to learn to spell her name as soon as she can talk, and have the self-confidence to correct people who mispronounce it (politely!), or she’s going to wind up with an identity crisis. But all that is for Future Lyra to worry about. Present Lyra’s main task is being adorable.

Lyra and Grandma in the rocking chair reading

Reading with Grandma! (The book is The Skunk by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.)

Lyra and Sudo on the couch

Chilling on the couch with the pup. We’ll worry about good posture later.

Jenny holding Lyra near bookshelf

We’re mostly reading board books now, but she’s got lots to choose from when she’s older.

Lyra looking up at toys

It’s very important to spend at least half an hour every day lying on your back, looking at colorful toys dangling above you, kicking your feet wildly. Everyone does this, yes?

Lyra in recliner

It’s not clear in the photo, but this onesie from Uncle Greg has a picture of a little goat on it and says “Kid.” Stylish and clever.

Lyra in bees onesie, tongue sticking out

Buzz buzz buzz! Onesie from a fellow Robbins Library staff member.

Lyra looking up at dangly toys

So close, and yet out of reach.

Lyra in carseat with pink sweater on

Going places


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