Lyra swaddled in hospital blanket with hat, eyes open

Lyra Arch Donaldson, born October 19, 2015

Lyra with one finger to her mouth, eyes closed

Thinking already

Ben holding Lyra in hospital

New dad

Jenny in hospital gown holding Lyra

New mom

Ben holding Lyra in car seat leaving maternity ward

“Let’s go exploring.”

first family photo

First family photo

Ben holds Lyra for Sudo to inspect

Sudo checks out the new arrival

Lyra in twinkle swaddle, eyes open, hand to mouth

Lyra at home



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4 responses to “Lyra

  1. bapatoff

    Beautiful. And great caption on #5.


  2. Sudo is thinking “That is one weird-looking dog.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. britakate

    Welcome home, Lyra! The family photo is FANTASTIC. More, please!


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