Knitting for baby

From March until July of this year, I worked on a baby blanket for a friend’s baby. It took a very long time to finish, not because I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, but because I chose a thin yarn and small-gauge needles. The baby was about 9 pounds at birth and I’m sure the blanket no longer even covers him. I had some extra yarn (a la Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen) so I thought I’d make a hat. I found the simplest pattern I could on Ravelry (“a quick and easy baby hat“) and started…

Knitted hat

…but apparently I inverted the hat at the same time I started decreasing – you can see the stockinet stitch reverse – so it sort of looks like an acorn. Which would be cool if it were earth tones instead of resembling Funfetti cake, but…oh well.

Fortunately, one of my colleagues is an immensely more talented knitter than I, and is also immensely generous; she made this absolutely beautiful, incredibly soft (seriously, so soft you just want to rub your face against it like a cat rubbing against someone’s ankles at the top of a staircase) baby sweater.

Teal baby sweater with three white buttons

We also received some other handmade items from friends who are vastly more talented at making things than I am: a wonderfully soft, heavy crocheted blanket (which we were told gets softer with each wash), a greyhound doll that smells like lavender, hand-painted blocks with a celestial theme, a pillow covered (literally!) in references to picture books, and a crocheted pine marten.

Off-white crocheted blanket

Rocking chair with blanket and pillow

Pillow made with fabric printed with characters and letters from children's books

Reverse side of pillow with Goodnight Moon fabric

Hand-painted blocks with initials LAD

Greyhound doll in red overalls with blue buttons

Greyhound doll from back with criss-crossed overall straps and white-tipped tail

Greyhound doll with white feet and red overalls

Pine marter, books, greyhound doll, and ring stacking toys on a shelf

Crocheted pine marten, brown with yellow patch at throat

Many thanks to our crafty and caring friends.



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4 responses to “Knitting for baby

  1. Laura

    Wow, looking at these photos inspires me!


  2. Felicia Saunders

    It was so fun to read your blog. I’m so happy you like the blanket I made. ❤


  3. The greyhound doll is adorable!


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