A unique card

Cleaning out my drafts folder…been meaning to post this one since June.

For our second anniversary, my mom sent us a card that had seeds embedded in the paper. You tear the paper, soak it in water, then place it in a pot of dirt and cover it with another quarter-inch or so of dirt. Add sunlight, water, and time, and…sprouts!

First step: planting the seed paper.

Birds-eye view of a terra cotta pot filled with dirt, purple paperBirds-eye view of a white wire basket lined with fiber, filled with soil, purple paperBirds-eye view of green plastic pot filled with soil, purple paper
Next: wait for seedlings!

Close-up of dirt with little green shoots peeking through

I threw in the rest of the bunny tail seeds, too. You can see them poking up if you look closely at the photo above.

And below, the results (photos from today, i.e. late September):

Wildflower mix in pots

Tiny white wildflowers

Tangle of grasses and greenery in wire basketThe tiny white flowers (in the top and middle photos) were the only flowers to emerge. The bunny tail grasses and wildflower mix in the basket (bottom photo) looked better a week or two ago. Maybe given a little more time they would have bloomed, but I’m happy anything grew at all. Perhaps more wildflower mixes next year – does anyone have any tips for these? Probably larger containers would be better, and maybe more sun. Oh, for a south-facing garden!


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