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Smitten Kitchen (both the blog and the book) is one of our favorite go-to sources for recipes, and we’ve been using it a lot lately. Some of the recipes are a little time- and/or labor-intensive so it’s nice to have two pairs of hands, but others – like her dill pickles – are incredibly easy. And delicious!

Herbed summer squash pasta bake: Excellent. It’s as creamy and satisfying as mashed potatoes or chicken pot pie, but a little lighter for the summer. A great way to use up those zucchini and summer squash that are in the farmers’ market now. We made it with orecchiette pasta but like she says, any kind will work.

Thick, chewy granola bars: Immensely satisfying between-meal snack, also good for breakfast on the go. They didn’t stay together perfectly, but we left out the nut butter, which might have helped with binding. Otherwise, we used dried cranberries, dried apricots, chocolate chips, hazelnuts, and chopped candied ginger. I’d leave the ginger out next time but the hazelnuts worked really well.

Easiest fridge dill pickles: I got three pickling cucumbers at the farmers’ market, sliced them up and put them in a jar with other ingredients as directed, and…pickles!

Anything-but-clementine clafoutis: Clementines in a clafoutis seem weird to me too, plus it’s summer and all the fruits and berries are in season! Unfortunately we didn’t get plums or peaches in enough time for them to ripen (poor planning on our part), but this was very good with blueberries. I’d make it again in the future with a tarter/tangier berry or fruit, or maybe a little lemon zest; it was fairly mild with just blueberries. Similar to the equally delicious purple plum torte, also from SK.

What have you been cooking, baking, or assembling this summer?


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