Vacation this summer was a trip to visit my dad in Oregon, in a town so small the post office second-guesses me when I try to send mail there. It’s lovely! (If you don’t think too hard about the subduction zone and imminent earthquake/tsunami disaster. Fortunately, we didn’t see that article until we were already there.)

It was a very relaxing trip, starting with a few hours in Powell’s in Portland before heading to the coast.

Stone pillar carved to look like books

Jenny in front of a wall of YA books in Powell's

I only bought one book! Such restraint.

Cliff with pine trees, ocean, coastline

Sunlight and clouds above silvery ocean and sand

Blue sky with streaky white clouds, grass and sand dunes and ocean

Sunset with shafts of sunlight coming down through clouds onto the ocean

We also visited the tiny local library, which is open even on weekends!

Library building exterior

We read some picture books in the children’s room.

Children's room of the public library, with low bookshelves, table and chairs, a window seat, and stuffed animals

Reading, walking, eating, and sleeping – all while escaping some particularly hot and humid days back east – makes for a pretty good summer vacation.


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