A red rose, partly open

This is the same little rose I got for Ben for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago. Despite my doubts, it comes back every time I prune it, and I prune it after each time it blooms. Here are its most recent flowers.

Two red roses, one open, one opening

I didn’t think the perennials I planted in the front yard last summer would come back, either, not after the winter we had, but – o me of little faith – at least one of them is proving me wrong.

Green plant with one purple flower open and one about to open

Also, we had the soil around the house tested, and the amount of lead is off the charts (well, technically a chart could accommodate it, but it is 5x+ the maximum recommended levels, so it’s a good thing we’re only looking at these flowers and not eating them). It’s kind of amazing anything is growing at all.

Close up of purple flower on green plant


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