Innocent face, guilty face

The face of an innocent dog enjoying the sunshine in the recliner:

Sudo in recliner, front feet hanging off, mouth open

The face of a guilty, library-book-chewing dog:

Sudo lying on couch with head raised looking at camera

“Who, me?” Yes, you.

This was hours after the crime was committed. You can’t hold a grudge against dogs because they don’t remember what they did, but she was in the metaphorical doghouse for a few hours anyway. I’m a librarian! I can’t have a dog who eats books. Now I’ll have to replace I Capture the Castle. I hope it was delicious.



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6 responses to “Innocent face, guilty face

  1. Uh oh, naughty dog! Shame that face is too cute to be mad at for long 😉


  2. Credit where credit is due: she’s also really good at sleeping.


  3. I once had to replace a rabbit-chewed copy of a book about the history of knitting, so don’t feel bad. I Capture the Castle is such a great book, I can see why she would want to eat it.


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