Ivy League Dog

Sudo has now been to three fancy northeast schools. First, she visited Brandeis, for a de-stressing even before midterms. Then we went to Tufts, then Harvard.

Sudo lying down, surrounded by people petting her

At the Tufts event, Sudo was the smallest dog in the room, until a field spaniel arrived. (At about 57 pounds, Sudo is rarely the smallest dog in the room, but she still got plenty of attention.) The other dogs included a Leonberger, a Newfoundland, a Great Pyrenees, a Golden Retriever, and a chocolate Lab.

Sudo on the floor, being petted

Naturally, all that attention became tiring, so she took a brief nap under the couch.

Sudo lying on the floor, her nose underneath the couch

Like the Brandeis event, the Tufts event was very well organized; people met us at the door and guided us to the room, which was welcoming and large enough for all of the dogs and people without anyone feeling crowded. The students were grateful for the dogs’ presence.

The Harvard event was in a smaller space and not so well attended, but it was probably due to the weather, which was sunny and passably warm; plus, there was music, free food, and baby farm animals outside. I love my dog, but I’m willing to concede that she can’t compete with baby goats. A few people came through and petted Sudo, but when I realized the room wasn’t going to get overcrowded, I let her come up on the couch so she’d be more comfortable.

Sudo on a leather couch, her paws on my lap

Again, the organizers were very nice and appreciative, and even brought Sudo a little dish of water in case she got thirsty.

Sudo on the couch, staring at her stuffed alligator toy on the floor

“That thesis isn’t going to write itself, you know.”


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